Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good effort, but...

Well, last night's game was fun while it lasted.  The Heels came out with superior effort and took the game to the Devils.  Unfortunately, they didn't shoot very well from anywhere on the floor (including the free throw line).  dook didn't either for awhile, but you aren't going to keep them down for a full 40 minutes.  Eventually, they got their legs under them, and the UNC lead wasn't big enough to withstand their eventual run.

This game felt a lot like the 2011 game in Cameron, except the Heels' lead didn't grow quite as big and the officiating was more one-sided.  But, both games had the feeling that a young UNC team needed to hang onto a lead to keep the dookies from setting into their groove.  Unfortunately, it was the same outcome in both games.

Still, I'm very proud of the guys' effort.  If they bring that effort in the rematch - along with some more intelligent play and more timely shooting - then I like our chances in that one.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been away for awhile, and I apologize.  The way I see it, this basketball season hasn't quite been up to par with previous seasons - and not just because the Heels are having an up-and-down year.  There just don't seem to be any great teams in college basketball anymore.

That said, I'm back... and I'm all-in tonight.

dook is certainly the favorite, as they should be.  They're the more experienced team, and they have the homecourt advantage.

I do think the Heels have a chance.  On a neutral court, I actually think this UNC team matches up fairly well with dook.  I would still give dook the advantage, but the Heels definitely match up better with dook than, say, Miami or Indiana.

The difference may be Cameron.  What might be a close game on a neutral floor or at the Dean Dome may well turn into a romp tonight in Cameron.  This UNC team just hasn't shown the ability or propensity to play well in tough road environments.  I hope I am wrong and the Heels come out tonight on fire.

Go Heels!  BEAT DOOK!