Friday, February 10, 2012


Really, Coach K?  Did you really write "courage" up on the chalkboard before the game to motivate your team, as Austin Rivers said you did to local media?

If so, let's look at the ways that dook demonstrated courage on Wednesday night:

  • dook shot 36 three-pointers, which was over 58% of their total shots.  They certainly exhibited a lot of "courage" by taking the laziest shot in basketball... again and again and again.
  • They flopped and flailed and acted their way to enough cheap fouls on UNC that they were in the double bonus almost exactly halfway through the second half.  Remember, this is a team that shot 36 three-pointers in the game.  Early in the second half, Austin Rivers got into a back and forth show with Harrison Barnes.  Yet, somehow, dook was in the double bonus halfway through the second half.  Where did all those fouls come from?  I'm sure it was "courage" that earned them all those calls.
  • Mason Plumlee apparently showed a lot of "courage" by shoving Tyler Zeller across the lane from behind on the key play where Zeller accidentally tipped in a dook basket.
The only true courage I saw all night was Austin Rivers' final shot.  He had guts to take that shot, and I commend him for it.  The rest of the game was just more of the same from our favorite floppers and "scrappers."

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