Friday, January 13, 2012

dook basketball: What's to like?

So, I've had trouble getting into college basketball this year, but I decided to watch the dook-UVa game last night to see dook's offense versus a good defensive team. The Devils bricked plenty of shots in the first half, but, as expected, they eventually got enough shots to fall to hold on for a close win.  I knew a UVa win was a long shot because the Hoos just can't score enough to grab a lead and hold onto it in Cameron.  So, no real surprise there.

It occurred to me, though, as I watched dook brick three after three that this is their entire offense.  When the shots aren't falling, they have no fall-back plan.  The only plan is just to keep shooting in hopes that the shots will eventually go in.  Now, to Coach K's credit, he has been able to recruit a number of great shooters year after year to make this plan successful.

Still, this offense is almost unwatchable to me.  It's lazy basketball, and I'm pretty sure this is not what Dr. Naismith envisioned when he created the game.  It's even worse this year compared to others because of the cast of characters in Durham.  Let's take a look at them:

Austin "Ballhog" Rivers - He's a talented player, especially when driving to the basket, but the guy takes way too many shots from the outside (and in general).  His role should be to drive when he can and either: 1) shoot from 10 feet in, or 2) kick it out to a jump shooter.  His ability to drive is actually great in dook's offense as long as he learns to drive and kick like Nolan Smith and others before him.  Until he learns that, he's just killing their offense with bad shots.  Also, he travels and carries the ball just about every time he has it.

Seth Curry - I like Seth Curry, although I think he gets away with more than he should because he's a dookie.  Curry seems to carry the ball even more than Rivers, but obviously that's not going to get called.  He can definitely shoot, though.

Andre Dawkins - He can also shoot... most of the time.  The one thing you can be sure of with Dawkins is he will shoot, shoot, and then shoot some more - whether he's hitting or not.

"Fouls" Plumlee - He literally fouls the whole game.  He can get away with it at dook, though.  Anyway, like all dook big men before him, his job is to set moving screens, rebound, and foul.  So, I guess he does his job.

BrickMason Plumlee - Was he always this bad a free-throw shooter?  He fouls as much as his older brother, but he seems less coordinated, if that's somehow possible.

R. Kelly - He's actually their best big man, but it's probably because he thinks he's a wing player.  He can shoot, though, so he can create mismatches on the offensive end.  However, if there's ever a game when he's not hitting from the outside, he's basically useless.

They have other guys too, but I'm too bored with them to mention them.  Seriously, this must be the most boring dook team since Coach K's meltdown year.  They are getting by in most games because there just aren't any great teams in college basketball this year.  I just hope things get more interesting as we get into February and March.