Thursday, February 17, 2011

A note on the Cameron Crazies

Here's a shot of the Cameron Crazies taunting Harrison Barnes courtesy of Bob Rosato of Sports Illustrated.  I believe this photo shows much of what is wrong about the Crazies.

First and foremost, notice that many of them are checking themselves out on the videoboard.  This is my #1 pet peeve about the Crazies.  Collectively, they are not about supporting the team, as Dick Vitale and other media personalities would have you believe.  I'm sure many of them feel they are doing this, but the vast majority think they - the Crazies themselves, that is - are the main attraction.  This is their reasoning behind the cheer sheets, taunting, bobbing up and down, etc.  It's not about being a fan - it's about putting on a show.

Also, what is it about pointing in the face of and yelling at an opponent makes them great fans?

I am all for being loud and supporting your team, and for that I can commend the Crazies.  They do make an impact on the game.  However, where they used to be witty and original, they've now become a tired cliche.  It's the same old taunts - the speedo guy trying to distract free throws, counting the footsteps of players that foul out, pointing in the faces of players on the sideline.  I haven't seen anything from them in years that jumped out to me as even halfway creative.

Carolina fans are often known as a "wine and cheese" crowd, and I often wish for more from them.  But, thank goodness they aren't the Crazies....

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